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Water Resources Publications CD

This CD contains large collection of water resources manuals and other documentation from various sources. A brief description of each publication, sorted by publisher, is provided below. For additional information, download the Publications CD List.

U.S. Department of Agriculture - Natural Resources Conservation Service

    National Engineering Handbook
    Part 630 Hydrology

    National Engineering Handbook
    Part 650

    National Engineering Handbook
    Part 628 Dams

    Planning, Design, Construction

U.S. Department of Agriculture - Soil Conservation Service

    TR- 60
    Earth Dams & Reservoirs

    A Method for Estimating Volume & Rate of Runoff in Small Watersheds

    Rainfall-Runoff Tables for Selected Curve Numbers

    TP- 61
    Handbook of Channel Design for Soil & Water Conservation

U.S. Department of Transportation

    Hydraulic Design of Highway Culverts

    Urban Drainage Design Manual
    Hydraulic Engineering Circular No. 22

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

    EPA SWMM Version 4 User's Manual

    EPA SWMM EXTRAN Addendum

U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

    Flood Insurance Study Guidelines and Specifications for Study Contractors

Upper Parramatta River Catchment Trust

    On-site Stormwater Detention Handbook

Other Publishers

    Estimation of Green-Ampt Infiltration Parameters

    Q3 Flood Data Specifications

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